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What do couples do when they shower together?

Nov 07,2023 | letrocktoys

1.My wife and I usually end up having good conversations. 

2.Shower conversations are the best. My x and I would end up just holding each other under rhe running water, talking about bills or plans or some such nonsense. I miss that. It was incredibly cathartic.

3my husband and I shower together every single day. Its not even sexual or romantic, its literally for hygienic reasons. We started showering together when we were dating and its never stopped. Even when were fighting. Which forces us to talk about the issue. Its kind of nice being trapped in a small area with no other distractions.

4.Shuffle round and round taking turns to be cold and warm like fucking penguins.

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5.I had that penguin falling down in front of the other penguins noise go through my head.

“Oooooohhh” Penguin chorus

“Fuck” fallen penguin

6.When we remodel the bathroom we are going to put in a bigger shower with 2 shower heads on opposite sides to prevent this lol

7.I want hot water and she wants steaming hot water, so we compromise and have steaming hot water

8.Wash each other's backs

9.My hubby and I have showered together our entire 20+ year marriage... Sometimes it's sexy time followed by cleaning, otherwise it's straight cleaning. It's just a bonding time everyday for the 2 of us. We joke around, talk about our days, and just have fun.